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» Definition of the needed intervention; » technical inspection;
» Making of projects in Virtual Reality (images), real time rendering and immersive stereoscopic Virtual Reality, thanks to the Gear VR viewer (viewer image);
» Budget definition and chrono program of activities;
» Assistance in the fullfilment of the urban procedures.


» Assistance and coordination of the building site at the presence of a representative of the Marcotullio Arredi Group who does:
» Quality control of all the works;
» Observance of the chrono program;
» Assistance in the solving of possible problems in the making of the works;
» Assembling of all the furniture pieces.



MARCOTULLIO ARREDI GROUP is an expert in turnkey restoration and furniture and, as a leader in Abruzzo, offers a total service that goes from designing in Virtual Reality to the making of all the necessary works, from the furniture (also of an office) to the decor of a space: we are a truly unique reality, close to Pescara.

We can control the whole process: this is the meaning of our turnkey restoration. In this way, by relying on Marcotullio Arredi Group, one only must communicate his budget and our staff will then make come true all your wishes in reality.

Our turnkey service let you allow to count on, for the restoration, the planning or making of your spaces, a unique representative that deals with identify and coordinate trusting experts (bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters...), complete all the urban fullfilments, plan all the spaces and directly supply you materials such as floors, parquet, bathroom fixtures, wallpapers, doors and furniture such as kitchens, sofas, wardrobes, bathrooms, tents that one can find in the materioteca hosted in our showroom.


At the end of the restoration, we give our clients a booklet that includes:
» Pre restoration planimetry;
» Pre restoration photographic documents;
» Post restoration planimetry;
» Three-dimensional project;
» A copy of all the urban licenses;
» Land registry updates;
» A copy of all the compliance certificates of the systems;
» APE energy performance certificate;
» Techincal profile of the used materials;
» Techincal profile of the devices;
» Photographic documents of all the building site phases with metric information of all the passages of the systems;
» Executor companies



Our indoor planning, for any kind of space, allow to intervene in any phase of the arrangement of the space, with detailed and customized solutions that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Contract furniture has born to furnish any kind of space, from rooms to receptions, hall, bar, restaurants, shops, bedrooms, farm holidays, residences and other venue, always being in line with the times and letting the Guest always feel at his ease.

Marcotullio Arredi Group is where planning, making, fitting, customization of every commercial, residential or accommodation space work in synergy. Through a wide range of ideas, products and services for the making of commercial spaces and thanks to the collaboration with expert interior designers, we can satisfy all your needs and detect the specific needs of every location, so that all our projects could have exclusive features about functionality, versatility and innovation.

Case History


This hotel has never closed while we were working: we are indeed able to make a total restyling of the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and any other space WITHOUT DOING BUILDING SITE.

Thanks to the use of smart materials such as micro laminate sheets, wallpapers and compound aluminium, it is possible to change bedrooms without stop working.

Advantages are a lot:

»Estimated time for the whole restoration of the room (floor, walls and bathroom): 3 days circa;
» No dust;
» Speed in application;
» No noise;

»Whole customization of surfaces without extra costs;
» Soundproof system available for walls;
» High resistance in times;
» Light and odourless materials;
» No extra costs for cleaning.